Facility Introduction

The Suntory World Research Center (SWR) is a 4-storey, aboveground building. The external design is based on the themes of water, greenery, and earth, to express Suntory corporate philosophy of "In Harmony with People and Nature". The internal design actively incorporates a variety of knowledge to create a space that promotes intellectual exchange. The internal design aims to further deepen knowledge within the center and in conjunction with the external design create future value.

Intellectual exchange is reflected in the workplace, with all areas of the center utilizing an open-desk, open-lab system. We hope freely choosing worksites and sharing workplaces will lead to interaction among various people and improve individual creativity.

Internal Design

Floor Guides

With the aim of discovering new ideas and creating innovative value, the areas in the SWR Center facilitate interaction, technological collaboration, and intellectual fusion among both internal and external researchers.

Figure of Floor Guides
Image of the first floor
The entrance is a welcoming area for various researchers and provides information on Suntory’s basic research.
Image of the second floor
This multi-purpose area can be used by various researchers to interact collaborate, and for events. Here, innovative research themes and ideas will be created and knowledge can be brought to fruition with other researchers.
3F / 4F
Image of the 3rd and 4th floors
The open-desk, open-lab system creates a place where researchers can foster knowledge among one another and improve technologies.
Acquisition of the CASBEE S rank for environmental conservation
The Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) is a tool developed in 2001 by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC) under the guidance of the Ministry of land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to comprehensively assess the environmental performance of buildings. Based on regulations to prevent climate change, in Kyoto Prefecture, the assessment given to new buildings over 2000m² is made public.