50 Years of
the Suntory Foundation for the Arts

Suntory was founded on a management philosophy of “Giving back to society”. Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii engaged in a number of social outreach projects, while Keizo Saji, his successor, promoted cultural activities. In 1961 he opened the Suntory Museum of Art, followed by the establishment of the Torii Music Foundation (later the Suntory Music Foundation) in 1969 and the opening of Suntory Hall in 1986. Subsequently, Suntory continued to make social contributions in the field of the arts, primarily fine art and music. In 2009, the 110th anniversary of the company’s founding, this commitment to the arts, representing almost a half-century of cultural contributions, was given new life when all of these activities were brought under the aegis of the Suntory Foundation for the Arts.

In 2019, as the Foundation marks the 50th year since the establishment of its cornerstone, Torii Music Foundation, we are taking yet another significant step forward. In the global society of the 21st century, it is important that we renew our efforts to convey to the world the aesthetics and unique sensibilities cultivated by the Japanese people, and at this milestone, we commit once again to pursuing the creation and expression of new value centered on music and fine art.

We will also continue our efforts to contribute to a richer future 50 or 100 years hence by providing a wide range of opportunities for people to enjoy fine art and music in their everyday lives, and to experience the joy of living and enrichment these activities can offer.


1969 Torii Music Foundation founded
Founded with the objective of contributing to the development of western-style classical and contemporary music in Japan. It was a cornerstone of the current Suntory Foundation for the Arts.
Suntory Music Award launched
1975 Suntory Museum of Art relocated to Akasaka Mitsuke
*opened in 1961 in Tokyo’s Marunouchi
1986 Suntory Hall opened
1987 Summer Festival concert series started
1990 Akutagawa Award for Music Composition launched
2001 Keizo Saji Prize launched
2007 Suntory Museum of Art relocated to Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi
2009 Suntory Foundation for the Arts established
2011 Suntory Hall Chamber Music Garden concert series started
2015 Musical Instrument Loaning for students started
2018 Musical Instrument Loaning for musicians started
2019 The 50th anniversary of the Foundation
Reached the 50th anniversary from the founding of Torii Music Foundation.