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Mission Statement

Suntory's management philosophy is based on the "Principle of Dividing Profits Three Ways," which has its roots in the concept of social contribution. Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii was a man who believed firmly in giving back to the community and was strongly committed to projects that provided social benefits. His successor, Keizo Saji, recognized the importance of providing spiritual enrichment early on and promoted a range of cultural activities during Japan's post-war period of strong economic growth. In 1961, Saji founded the Suntory Museum of Art and then went on to establish the Torii Music Foundation in 1969. In 1986, he built Suntory Hall, further exemplifying his long and deep engagement with and contribution to music and the fine arts.

In this, the year 2009, we mark the 110th anniversary of Suntory's founding with the launch of a new organization, Suntory Foundation for the Arts. This foundation represents the culmination of half of a century of Suntory's contributions to the arts and will help us to stay fresh and effective as we continue on into the 21st century.

Japan may be a small island located at the tip of east Asia, but the knowledge and wisdom we have accumulated is not insignificant. Due to their experiencing four distinct seasons, our ancestors developed and cultivated a finely-tuned sense of beauty, along with social customs, graces and a lifestyle that includes a unique greeting system and form of hospitality, all of which have been polished to a bright shine over the country's long history and tradition. We at Suntory believe that these customs and understandings can form the basis of a positive contribution to the future of all humankind.

As globalization continues apace in the 21st century, the need for us to gather up the best of Japanese culture and present it to rest of the world becomes ever greater. Suntory Foundation for the Arts intends to do this by providing support for innovative and freely imagined activities not only in the fields of music and art but also beyond these existing frameworks. What's more, we will devote ourselves to providing a range of opportunities for people from all over the world to experience arts and music developed and nurtured with a distinctively Japanese aesthetic sensibility and giving Japanese people a chance to rediscover their own culture and enrich their lives.