"Line of Life Project" of Suntory Bird Conservation Activities Won at D&AD Awards 2016.

Suntory Bird Conservation Activities have been underway for more than 40 years, since 1973, with the goal of recovering a natural environment with a rich ecosystem as a habitat for wild birds.
As a part of these efforts, Suntory fosters bird conservation activities in Japan and abroad through the Suntory Fund for Bird Conservation.

At the apex of the wetlands ecosystem pyramid, the stork had once all but disappeared from Japan.
In December of last year, Suntory filmed a documentary of an event that was held jointly with people working toward breeding and reintroducing the stork in Noda, Chiba Prefecture, where the Suntory Fund for Bird Conservation funds. In the film, local elementary students are flying stork-shaped kites in the hope of "recovering a habitable environment for storks on the Kanto Plain."

From old times in Japan, people fly kites filled with their prayers and wishes.
At the filming, the lifelike stork kites that was made by local people and children filled the skies as they soared through the air. The children gazed at this beautiful flight dreaming of and hoping for a place where real storks could live in harmony—the dream for the "future of Japan."

And we are happy to announce that this project won at the "D&AD Awards 2016," earning the Wood Pencil.
・Yellow Pencil: Corresponds to a Gold Medal
・Graphite Pencil: Corresponds to a Silver Medal
・Wood Pencil: Corresponds to a Bronze Medal

Established in 1962, the D&AD (British Design & Art Direction) is the most prestigious design award in the UK. Familiar among designers and creators throughout the world as the "Yellow Pencil," the Award receives some 20,000 works as entries a year. Established with the goal of encouraging and supporting creativity in design and advertising, the "D&AD Awards" are regarded as the "toughest advertising awards in the world to win" for the rigors of the examination, as comparable with the Cannes Lions in terms of prestige, and as creative awards that are sought after by the creators of the world.

Please be sure to watch the video "Line of life Project."

[Collaboration in video production]
Niigata Toridako Kite Association Japan; Niigata Toridako Kite Association Japan, Kanto Branch; Town Planning Department of the green and water of Noda city; Noda Municipal Fukuda daiichi elementary school; The Noda Natural Symbiotic Farm Inc.

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