Sep. 27, 2016

SUNTORY TOMI NO OKA WINERY - Harvest and Wine-making Ceremonies to Pray for the Success of Suntory's Japanese Wine

Under blue skies at the start of the harvesting season in late August 2016, Suntory held a ceremony for a healthy and high-quality crop, and safety at work without injury or sickness.

A Shinto priest offered prayers for a safe harvest and high-quality grapes at the orchard in Koshu overlooking the Kofu Basin.

The Inari Shrine at the TOMI NO OKA WINERY grounds

Mr. Yamazaki, President & Chief Executive Officer of Suntory Wine International Limited, expressed his hopes for the prosperity of the winery by stating, "With the young trees of Koshu grapes before us growing healthy; I hope that this Japanese wine from this winery enjoys international success."

Staff members pose with their high-quality grapes in the first harvest of the year

Prayers for safe work in the pressing area of the winery

Staff at the winery reaffirmed their determination to "produce wine of the highest quality that impresses the world, while not wasting even one of the grapes that have been grown so carefully."

The flavors of grapes vary according to weather and other conditions each year, but the goal to produce wine that "impresses the world" remains unchanged.

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