Feb. 22, 2022

Giving Back to Society Through Suntory's Second Annual Global Action for Humanity Program

In 2021, we dedicated the months of November and December to our second annual “Global Action for Humanity (GAH)” program to encourage our 40,000 employees across the globe to take part in various activities to reflect on the importance of respecting humanity.

The program took place in conjunction with the launch of our first global DEI vision statement and DEI strategic pillars as an opportunity for all Suntorians to reaffirm their commitment to respecting humanity. “We respect humanity” is an integral tenet of The Suntory Group Way, a philosophy that guides how Suntorians approach their daily work to ensure Suntory Group is supported by its customers and continues to grow.

Throughout the program, our business units and many Suntorians around the world participated in local volunteering opportunities, including the following initiatives:

  • Suntory Holdings (SHD) in Japan: Offered DEI related webinars and volunteer opportunities to employees in partnership with local NPOs, like the UN World Food Programme. Employees also donated food and Suntory products to children and families in need.

  • Beam Suntory (Worldwide): Held its annual service event, Together for Good, where more than 1,400 Beam Suntory employees in 13 countries came together to give back to the community. For instance, Beam Suntory Chicago collaborated with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to support packing food for community members in need. Beam Suntory also partnered with an internet-based campaign stationed in Taiwan that sends unwanted second-hand shoes, clothes, and bags from Taiwan to rural areas in Africa to help protect those in need from parasites and other harmful elements.

  • Suntory Beverage and Food Europe: Across 9 countries, employees were involved in many volunteering opportunities such as supporting local food banks and charities by both donations and spending time for services.

  • Suntory Beverage and Food France: Participated in the “DuoDay2021 project,” where Suntorians formed a duo with four disabled people for a day to offer them job shadow opportunities.

  • Suntory Garuda Beverage: The Suntory Garuda Beverage team supported orphanages and local communities through volunteer services and fundraising to provide aid for people in need. These Suntorians also provided food and drinks to children in scavengers village in Tambun, Bekasi, Indonesia.

  • Frucor Suntory (Oceania): In New Zealand, employees donated sporting goods to a local school in Auckland, near the company’s Wiri factory.

  • Suntory (China) Holdings: ASC Fine Wines organized a fundraising auction of collectible wines, and part of the sales proceeds were donated to Shanghai Charity Foundation.

  • Suntory EECM - Benelux: During their 4th annual Christmas Box, Suntorians collected 4080 PLN. Suntorians also donated 5,000 in euros to food banks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Trinidad, Morocco, and Ghana.

  • Suntory Beverage and Food Spain: Participated in a well-known food drive called “GRAN RECOGIDA.” Suntorians also participated in the “Adopt a Grandparent” project, which aims to reduce the loneliness of elderly people living in residential homes who have very limited visitors or external contacts. Suntorians also participated in forestry work, volunteering at a public utility woodland in the municipality of Cenicientos where the community was affected by a major fire two years ago.

In addition to participating in these volunteer activities as part of the Global Action for Humanity program, employees were also invited to explore the diversity in their everyday life and help create equitable and inclusive opportunities. Employees around the world shared video messages, participated in online activities and seminars, and supported their communities through volunteer efforts. Suntorians also reflected on their own identity by sharing unique “I am” messages to highlight their diverse experiences online. More than 1,400 employees shared their “I am” statements to showcase their individuality and to help foster an inclusive environment for all.

We are proud that in total, 12,647 Suntorians across the world participated in the program through volunteer and DEI activities. Suntory pledged to match each individual action with a donation and, as a result, donated $12,647 USD to the UN World Food Programme (WFP) to support their work providing food, aid, and humanitarian support to people in need.

We’re proud of our invaluable employees and their dedication to giving back to the communities where we live and work. Suntory will continue to support programs like Global Action for Humanity and unite Suntorians from around the world as ONE SUNTORY in pursuit of our vision of Growing for Good.