Suntory 2nd Prize - Nikkei BP "Eco-Brand Survey 2016"

On July 8, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Tokyo) announced the results of the "Eco-Brand Survey 2016," a questionnaire that looks into how the environmental efforts of companies are perceived by consumers. Suntory was ranked second–by a narrow margin–after Toyota Motor Corporation.

* March 19–April 24, 2016: The internet-based questionnaire is conducted
* No. of Valid Responses: 20,300
* No. of Companies Targeted: 560

2016 Eco-Brand Index: Top 20

Nikkei BP Consulting, Inc.

* The Eco-Brand Index is derived from the total of four indexes that impact brand building: contact to environmental information, environmental communication, environmental image, and environmental evaluation. The scores express the deviation value (average=50).

Suntory Environmental Vision toward 2050

The global environment is an important business resource for the Suntory Group, and to pass it on to the next generation, the entire Group is promoting environmental management that includes preserving the natural environment and reducing environmental impact. In addition to promoting effective usage of resources through innovative technologies, we implement "Natural Water Sanctuary Activities" and the development of Suntory Mizuiku–Education Program for Nature and Water, an endeavor that conveys the importance and workings of nature to elementary school children in Japan and abroad.

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