Nov. 01, 2016

Our endless efforts toward high-quality craftsmanship―No.1

The Suntory group began with a commitment to pursue higher quality products and services under the philosophy of "Customers and Consumers First." You can still see that commitment at work today in the Suntory group, where every employee and officer believes quality counts.

In Pursuit of a Variety of High Quality Whiskies

To offer customers around the world delicious Japanese whisky, we produce a variety of high-quality original whiskies through meticulous devotion toward improving our wort mashing process, fermentation process, the types of distillation stills that we use, and the like.

Cask Aging Develops Distinct Whisky Character

The clear, colorless new make spirits is transferred to casks to be aged in the warehouse for many years. The potently flavored new make spirits is gradually transformed into a fragrant and smooth amber whisky. We will always continue to produce diverse whiskies by studying and refining the techniques of our predecessors.

Yamazaki Comes in Premium Class Packaging

We constantly improve our packaging technologies and techniques to meet rigorous standards for craftsmanship and individual visual inspection. We make sure that each bottle of Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky is handled with great care and that it reaches customers in package worthy of this premium-class whisky.

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