Nov. 01, 2016

Our endless efforts toward high-quality craftsmanship―No.4

The Suntory group began with a commitment to pursue higher quality products and services under the philosophy of "Customers and Consumers First." You can still see that commitment at work today in the Suntory group, where every employee and officer believes quality counts.

Ensuring Water Quality

The water used in all products and the ground water used at every domestic and overseas plant are regularly analyzed and tested to guarantee their safety in nearly 200 items based on water-quality standards under the Water Supply Act as well as propriety standards at Suntory. To ensure the future safety of water, the staffs at our plants are also working together to strengthen our water quality assurance system.

Delivering Safety and Deliciousness through Packaging

The migration of substances from food packaging materials are evaluated for effect on health, taste, and flavor to determine which kinds of packaging can be used with our products. Our mission is to evaluate and research packaging to provide safe and trusted products worthy of our customers‘ loyalty.

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