Hibiki to the world

Global Partnership

Suntory Hall retains partnerships with world's renowned artists, concert halls and composers, and promotes varied activities with global view.

With Artists

Wiener Philharmoniker Week in Japan

Suntory Hall has hosted Wiener Philharmoniker for the concerts at Main Hall, as well as the master classes by its principal players, open rehearsals and programs for young people. ‘Vienna Philharmonic & Suntory Music Aid Fund’ was established after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the members of the Philharmoniker continuously visit the affected area.

Suntory Hall Special Stage

A series of programs which have introduced many aspects of the world's great artists, focusing on the "now" of their activities. Concerts at Main Hall, as well as master classes and special talks at Blue Rose (Small Hall), have been taken place.

Hall Opera®

A new way of staging operas created by Suntory Hall. The staging, sets and lighting take full advantage of the space and acoustics of the hall, where the stage is fully surrounded by the audience and the orchestra and the singers perform on the same stage.

Suntory Hall Academies (opera and chamber music)

We provide educational programmes for young musicians who just started their professional careers. On these occasions, they have chances to learn from world's leading artists, to attend regular study workshops and to present their achievements at Blue Rose (Small Hall).

Rainbow21 International Suntory Hall Debut Concert

We produced a debut concert for a selected team of aspiring students from world's top conservatory, and promote cultural exchange with Japanese music school students. It is expected to be the gateway to the successful future of the next generation musicians.

International Concert Projects

We have been promoting international performing projects together with Esplanade (Theatres on the Bay, Singapore), and will establish closer relationships and aim to have concerts in other areas around the world.

With Composers

Suntory Hall International Program for Music Composition

Suntory Hall has commissioned orchestral works to forefront composers every year and has presented these world-premieres. It started on the proposal and supervision by late Toru Takemitsu in 1986 when Suntory Hall opened. The supervisor was taken over by Joji Yuasa in 1999, then succeeded by Toshio Hosokawa in 2012.

Suntory Hall the 30th Anniversary Commission

To commemorate its 30th Anniversary (2016), Suntory Hall commissioned Mark-Anthony Turnage, the leading British composer, a new work in 2016. "Hibiki" was world premiered on November 12 2016, and European premiered at the BBC Proms (London) in 2017.

With Concert Halls in the World

Musikverein Wien

In October 2006, Suntory Hall partnered with Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien (the Society of Friends of Music in Vienna), which owns and manages the Musikverein Saal (home to the Wiener Philharmoniker), with the intent to leverage artistic programming and the ideas of the two venues mutually for promoting the musical culture of Japan and Austria.

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall has developed innovative educational programs, which have more than 110 thousands participants a year. The 2006 partnership agreement brought "Carnegie Kids" and "Professional Training Workshop" programs to Suntory Hall.

New Networks

Suntory Hall and Esplanade ― Theatres on the Bay, Singapore ― have embarked on several projects together, to showcase young talents and encourage the sharing and exchange of artistic ideas in Asia.