Publishing ‘Japanese Contemporary Compositions’ ‘Works by Japanese Composers’

The Foundation edits and publishes "Japanese Contemporary Compositions" with commentary and data of Japanese contemporary music works and a bilingual, biennial bibliography of "Works by Japanese Composers" as a means of promoting the creative efforts of those composers and giving greater exposure to their music.

Japanese Contemporary Compositions

Japanese Contemporary Compositions 2000 - 2009 Edition

Japanese music critics select and comment on Japanese contemporary music works, and at the end of the book the composition year, instrumentation, duration, score publication, CD, premiere (date, place / performer), commissioner / award, etc. is posted.


2000 - 2009 Edition : Free Download (PDF 13.4MB)
1990 - 1999 Edition : Free Download (PDF 18.3MB)
1969 - 1989 Edition : Free Download (PDF 16.4MB)

Works by Japanese Composers


‘Edition :
Free Download 2015-2016’

Latest editions are available in pdf format by free down-load.

The edition lists new works, name of composer, profile, title, instrumentation, duration, score publication, CD, place of first performance, etc., in both Japanese and English.

ListSix latest editions are available in pdf format by free down-load.

2015-2016 Edition : Free Download (PDF 1.3MB)
2013-2014 Edition : Free Download (PDF 1.5MB)
2011-2012 Edition : Free Download (PDF 1.3MB)
2009-2010 Edition : Free Download (PDF 1.3MB)
2007-2008 Edition : Free Download (PDF 1.2MB)
2005-2006 Edition : Free Download (PDF 1.2MB)
2003-2004 Edition : Free Download (PDF 910KB)
2001-2002 Edition : Free Download (PDF 2.8MB)