September 30 - October 4

ARK Hills Music Week 2022

The opening of ARK Hills Music Week is Suntory Hall ARK Classics, will be led by artistic leaders Nobuyuki Tsujii and Fumiaki Miura. Around 10 incredibly diverse concerts will be performed at the Main Hall and Blue Rose (Small Hall) for a period of five days.
* ARK Hills Music Week 2022 (Sept 30 - Oct 10)
During the festival week centred on Suntory Hall, ARK Hills known as the "Town of Music" is enlivened by the sound of music.

Artistic Leaders Nobuyuki Tsujii, Fumiaki Miura

Supported by SEKISUIHEIM [Concert 2 & 5]
Presented by Suntory Hall / Avex Classics International Inc
Cooperated by Mori Building Co. Ltd. / Interspace Inc. / AMATI Inc.