Giving back to society

Enjoy! Music Program

For everyone


    Admission free

    Suntory Hall Open House is a staple for the spring season where the hall opens its doors for free all day. We welcome guests of all ages to enjoy a day filled with live performances and events.


    Admission free

    The Organ known as the king of instruments is featured in the Main Hall. Come and enjoy the sounds of the organ for 30 minutes during your lunch break.

  • Backstage tour

    The backstage tour offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of areas that are normally closed to the public such as dressing rooms and the Artists Lounge (green room). Please also enjoy the Organ Promenade Concert that is held on following the tour.

  • CMG SPECIAL – Chamber Music Concert
    for Challenged Children


    Since 2013, we have invited students of special needs schools, who rarely get a chance to see live performances at concert halls, to come to Suntory Hall to fully enjoy music. The unique flat floor design of the Blue Rose (Small Hall) brings the audience into close proximity with the performers, allowing them to intimately feel the chamber music with the entire body.

  • Step-free

    We aim to make your visit to the Hall as comfortable as possible.