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Flowering plants in autumn

Ogata Korin( 1658 - 1716 )
Number of components
Pair of two-panel folding screens
Format and materials
Color on paper
Dimensions (in cm)
L. 154.1, W. 173.0 (each)
Date of production
Edo period   18th century

Flowering plants in autumn is a traditional motif in Japanese painting. These paired screens are filled with chrysanthemum, pampas, Japanese bush clover, Chinese bellflowers, wild pinks and other fall plants. The use of gold paint on the veins of the pampas grass, the black ink in the chrysanthemum leaves, and other abstract qualities and decorative techniques indicate that the screens were painted by an artist of the Rimpa school. At both ends of the screen, there is the square white seal of "Ogata"(緒方) and the square red seal of "Kansei"(澗声). It is most probable that this is the work of Ogata Korin (1658-1716), although further study is required to determine this fact.

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