Art & About Roppongi

Roppongi is a diverse neighborhood, rich in art. With three major museums, design and photograph galleries, neighborhood public art and authentic concert halls, the Tokyo art scene is accessible and alive in Roppongi. With so many facilities concentrated in one compact area, the neighborhood’s art attractions can be enjoyed as casually as a walk through the neighborhood or a day of shopping, and form a rich part of the downtown Tokyo experience.

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Suntory Museum of Art

Japanese Art: Traditional, Beautiful and New

Guided by the theme “Art in Life” since its founding in 1961, the museum’s current collection encompasses over 3,000 works of painting, lacquerware, pottery, glass, and textile, including one national treasure and 13 important cultural properties. With no permanent exhibition, the museum is centered on its special exhibitions.

Public Art

    Kan Yasuda

    This large marble sculpture sits bathed in light that filters underground from the ceiling above. Feel free to touch the stone’s surface, or climb inside the scrlpture’s gentle, earthen hollow.

  • B"Fragment No.5"
    Florian Claar

    Created by the German artist, this piece was inspired by a“moon pavilion”concept. It is located on Tokyo Midtown’s grassy lawn. 6 m tall by 10 m wide, it creates a sudden, striking contrast to its surroundings.

  • E"I Can’t Give You Anything But Love"
    Shigeru Uchida

    This red bench takes its name from the famous jass track. The design aims to remove the sense of gravity from a familiar city object.

  • C"Maman"
    Louise Bourgeois

    Located in Roppongi Hills, this dramatic, large-scale sculpture speaks to the web of international connectivity that is central to Roppongi. The spider, whose body cavity contains 20 marble eggs, is a symbol of the artist’s adoration of her own mother.

  • D"Kin no Kokoro"
    Jean-Michel Othoniel

    This piece was installed in celebraion of Roppongi Hills’ 10th anniversary. Located over Mohri Garden’s historic pond, this Möbius band-Like sculpture appears to change shape as one walks along the shore.

  • F"Bloom"
    Shirazeh Houshiary and Pip Horne

    This tower is logated in front of Tokyo Midtown, and gives off a beautiful blue illumination at night. The piece is meant to evoke the force of imagination, as well as broad, flowering plains.