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A Beverage Business that Is Winning Favor in China with Oolong Tea and Other Products
Products currently available in the Shanghai area

Suntory launched a soft drink business in China in 1995. We have expanded business operation with a focus on Shanghai and Beijing. With the key brands Suntory Oolong Tea and the casual coffee beverage Rich, the company leads the beverage market in a broad range of categories. In response to increasing health awareness among the public, we released Black Oolong Tea in 2009, have been developing Mixiang since 2011, and launched Qin Ning Shui in 2014, winning even higher praise from Chinese consumers. In order to utilize our product development abilities and production technology, that are Suntory's strengths, and develop high added value Suntory brands with a focus on health throughout China, we have formed a joint venture with China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd., a company which possesses production bases and sales networks that span the country, to establish Suntory Huiyuan (Shanghai) Beverage Co., Ltd. that began operation in 2015.

Suntory Breathes New Life into the Chinese Beer Market
Suntory entered the beer business in China in 1984 with the first joint beer brewery involving foreign capital in China, in the city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. Building on achievements made possible by our know-how of Chinese business, acquired through pursuing beer business in Jiangsu Province, we proceeded to enter the remarkably fast-growing beer business in Shanghai.

We launched Suntory Beer Qingshuang and Suntory Beer Chaoshuang in 1996. We conducted bold advertising campaigns employing airships and TV commercials, offering beer with a refreshing taste, matched to the preferences of the people of Shanghai, and implementing unique sales activities and distribution policies. We boosted rapidly to capture the largest market share in Shanghai in 1999. Since then, we have continued to energetically promote our business, becoming the first company to engage in the production and sale of draft beer in the Shanghai area, and expanding sales in Suzhou and Wuxi, major cities near the Shanghai area.
After that, in 2015, we transferred all of our shares in the joint venture to Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited that was our joint venture partner and signed a new licensing agreement with the company for production and sales.
We will continue selling Suntory beer in China, with business centered on Shanghai and Jiangsu.

Suntory Beer sold in Shanghai
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