Sedex management in supply chain to promote respect for human rights featured as good practice case study in the Business & Human Rights Navigator of the United Nations Global Compact.

Based on the Suntory Group Human Rights Policy established in 2019, the Suntory Group is promoting initiatives to protect the human rights of all people involved in our business.
We are pleased to announce that our efforts to strengthen risk management in our global supply chain using the Sedex platform, one of the pillars of our human rights due diligence strategy, has been recognized by the United Nations Global Compact's Business & Human Rights Navigator as a good practice case study.

Sedex is a membership organization dedicated to the realization of ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. It provides the world's largest supplier ESG information sharing platform and has developed a global common supplier self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ). More than 65,000 companies, organizations, factories, and self-employed individuals in 180 countries use its services.

The Suntory Group is asking its suppliers to join Sedex in order to share information by answering the SAQ, which includes questions about human rights risks such as child labor and forced labor, as well as questions about the working environment, health and safety, etc. As of November 2021, approximately 650 major suppliers, including more than 1,000 manufacturing sites, are being managed through our Sedex account. Based on the results of the risk assessments, we are designing and implementing action plans to tackle the issues found. The Suntory Group will continue to expand the scope of our human rights due diligence activities.

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