June 6 – 27, 2021

Suntory Hall Chamber Music Garden 2021

One of Japan's most renowned chamber music festivals
by world's acclaimed and up-and-coming musicians.

Chamber Music Garden (CMG) celebrates its 10th anniversary with a specially expanded programme, 22 days and 28 performances.
For the annual Beethoven String Quartet cycle, CMG welcomes the distinguished Jerusalem Quartet, which made its debut 25 years ago. Küchl Quartett and Hedenborg Trio, regulars to Suntory Hall, will bring a flavour of Vienna to the garden. Rising talents – the Schumann Quartett, Novus String Quartet, and Aoi Trio (2018 ARD Competition winner) – will appear in the "Brilliant Ensembles" series. In the "Fortepiano Kaleidoscope" concerts, people can enjoy the kaleidoscopic sonorities of four historical fortepianos in ensemble with string instruments and voice. Meanwhile, pianist Yu Kosuge produces two evenings of chamber music of Toru Takemitsu and his predecessors.
Other highlights include the Brahms cello sonatas performed by the regular duo of Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi (cello) and Michie Koyama (piano) in the Opening Concert, performances by Suntory Hall’s Chamber Music Academy fellows, the informal lunchtime concerts, and the all-star final concert.

* Subject to change in response to Covid-19 situation.

Opening Concert 2021
Produced by Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi

Michie Koyama has performed truly memorable ensembles together with Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi since the opening of the CMG in 2011 as gems illuminating the festival. They take the stage this time for the opening performance of the CMG’s 10th anniversary with a majestic programme featuring three of Brahms’ cello sonatas, including an arrangement of the violin sonata No. 1.
Cello: Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, Piano: Michie Koyama

Details and Booking
> Sun, Jun 6 | 13:00

Jerusalem Quartet - The Beethoven Cycle Ⅰ - Ⅴ

Formed in 1993 and debuting in 1996, this Israeli string quartet embraces its 25th anniversary in 2021. The Jerusalem Quartet is incredibly accomplished, holding periodic performances mainly in the eminent concert halls of major US and European cities, and always enjoys an enthusiastic reception at international festivals.
Jerusalem Quartet

Details and Booking
> Sun, Jun 6 | 19:00 【with Live Stream】
> Mon, Jun 7 | 19:00
> Tue, Jun 8 | 19:00
> Thu, Jun 10 | 19:00
> Fri, Jun 11 | 19:00

ENJOY! Concerts
by Chamber Music Academy Fellows Ⅰ & Ⅱ

A fresh performance by the fellows (academy members) of Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy who showcase the fruit of their devoted focus on music. The musicians’ introductions of the pieces provided before each performance are highly regarded.
Quartet Integra, Donumusa String Quartet, Quartet Paulownia, Quartet Re NADA, Leporem Quartet, Regulus Quartet, Trio Miyako

Details and Booking
> Sat, Jun 12 | 11:00 【with Live Stream】 * CHANGE OF PERFORMERS
> Sat, Jun 26 | 11:00 * CHANGE OF PERFORMERS

The Brilliant Ensembles Ⅰ – Ⅲ

This series introduces the current age in which young masterminds showcase their incredible impact on stages around the world. Such masterminds include South Korea’s Novus String Quartet, highly regarded for their passionate music composition and togetherness; the distinguished Schumann Quartett, leading the numerous modern quartets; and the Aoi Trio, highly acclaimed since their victory in the ARD International Music Competition Munich in 2018.

Details and Booking
> Sat, Jun 12 | 19:00 * CANCELLED
Novus String Quartet, Special Guest: Jerusalem Quartet
> Mon, Jun 14 | 19:00 * CANCELLED
Schumann Quartett
> Sat, Jun 19 | 19:00 【with Live Stream】

Aoi Trio

©Nikolaj Lund Photography

Fortepiano Kaleidoscope Ⅰ – Ⅳ

The fortepiano is a charming instrument which offers a sound uniquely different from the modern pianos of today. This series showcases four of these instruments, created at different periods in time and in different countries, including Suntory Hall’s Érard, which has actively made appearances at the CMG.

Details and Booking
> Sun, Jun 13 | 14:00 【with Live Stream】* CANCELLED
Violin: Shunske Sato, Cello: Hidemi Suzuki, Fortepiano: Shuann Chai
> Wed, Jun 16 | 19:00
Baritone: Krešimir Stražanac, Fortepiano: Kae Ogawa, Violin: Akira Mizutani
> Wed, Jun 23 | 19:00
Fortepiano: Yoshio Watanabe, Cello: Atsushi Sakai
> Fri, Jun 25 | 14:00
Fortepiano: Naruhiko Kawaguchi, Violin: Akira Harada, Cello: Hitomi Niikura

Two Evenings of Chamber Music:
Composed by Toru Takemitsu and Produced by Yu Kosuge Ⅰ & Ⅱ

This programme pursues the ultimate chamber music, combining that of Toru Takemitsu, 25 year after his death, with pieces closely connected to the world wars. The performers, including pianist Yu Kosuge the producer of these two concerts, who have not experienced war, feel that we must reflect upon history and learn from the words of those from the past precisely because we are living in these times of unrest. Take in the wonder of this music which transcends conflict and also pays homage to Toru Takemitsu.
Piano: Yu Kosuge, Violin: Mayumi Kanagawa, Cello: Benedict Kloeckner, Clarinet: Makoto Yoshida

Details and Booking
> Tue, Jun 15 | 19:00
> Thu, Jun 17 | 19:00

Precious 1pm Vol. 1 – 4

Enjoy a casual 60-minute concert on a weekday afternoon. The musicians perform exhilarating selections of the repertoire mixed in with relaxed talks about the music.

Details and Booking
> Vol. 1 Wed, Jun 16 | 13:00 * CANCELLED
Schumann Quartett , Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy Selected Fellows
> Vol. 2 Fri, Jun 18 | 13:00
Violin: Reiko Watanabe, Viola: Shota Yanase, Cello: Haruma Sato, Piano: Akira Eguchi
> Vol. 3 Tue, Jun 22 | 13:00
Flute: Shigenori Kudo, Violin: Ayana Tsuji, Viola: Ayako Tahara, Cello: Gen Yokosaka
> Vol. 4 Thu, Jun 24 | 13:00
Flute: Sébastien Jacot, Violin: Kei Shirai, Viola: Ayako Tahara, Cello: Haruma Sato, Harp: Naoko Yoshino

Hedenborg Trio
- Beethoven and Brahms Ⅰ & Ⅱ

Formed in 2012, the Hedenborg Trio made its debut in Japan at the CMG in 2017. These three Salzburg-born brothers have a groovy sense about them as well as terrific musical insight and play distinctively Viennese music as string players also rooted in the Vienna Philharmonic and an ingenious pianist. The concentrated two-time performance with a programme well thought out for the CMG incorporates the famous works of Beethoven and Brahms with an especially riveting Brahms string sextet (piano trio version).
Hedenborg Trio

Details and Booking
> Sun, Jun 20 | 14:00 【with Live Stream】 * POSTPONED
> Mon, Jun 21 | 19:00 * POSTPONED
> Sat, Jun 26 | 14:30 【with Live Stream】 * RESCHEDULED
> Sun, Jun 27 | 19:00 * RESCHEDULED

Haydn Zyklus with Küchl Quartett Ⅰ – Ⅲ

The Küchl Quartett makes its first appearance in three years here. To the present, the group has comprehensively covered chamber music with a Beethoven cycle (2014), Schubert (2016), and Brahms (2018) at the CMG, but this time they have their sights focused on Haydn, the father of the string quartet. Nine pieces have been carefully selected from approximately 70, producing a line-up full of famous works with melodies known by all and other masterpieces. With the new cellist, this will be the quartet’s first performance in Japan.
Küchl Quartett

Details and Booking
> Tue, Jun 22 | 19:00 * POSTPONED
> Thu, Jun 24 | 19:00
> Sat, Jun 26 | 19:00 【with Live Stream】
> Fri, June 25 2021 | 19:00 * RESCHEDULED


CMG 2021 brings together dazzling international artists spanning generations for a chamber music extravaganza. The fresh ensemble will burst forth in musical expression. The programme to be performed will be revealed on the day of the concert.
Violin: Koichiro Harada, Viola: Kazuhide Isomura, Cello: Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi / Hakuro Mori, Piano: Yu Kosuge / Shigeo Neriki, Flute: Sébastian Jacot, Clarinet: Makoto Yoshida, Küchl Quartett, Hedenborg Trio, Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy Selected Fellows, and others

Details and Booking
> Sun, Jun 27 | 14:00 【with Live Stream】

Additional Concert
Jerusalem Quartet and Quartet Amabile Special Concert

Jerusalem Quartet, Quartet Amabile

Details and Booking
> Sat, June 12 2021 | 19:00

©Felix Broede (above), ︎T. Tairadate(below)

- Chamber Music Concert for Challenged Children

Since 2013, we have invited students of special schools in wheelchairs, who rarely get a chance to see live performances at concert halls, to come to Suntory Hall to fully enjoy music. The unique flat floor design of the Blue Rose (Small Hall) brings the audience into close proximity with the performers, allowing them to intimately feel the chamber music with the entire body.
Violin: Reiko Watanabe, Viola: Shota Yanase, Cello: Haruma Sato, Piano: Akira Eguchi

> Thu, Jun 17 | 11:00 * POSTPONED


Enjoy the CMG online wherever and whenever you like.
The following 7 concerts of CMG 2021 will be streamed (paid).

Details and Booking

1. Jerusalem Quartet - The Beethoven Cycle Ⅰ
Sun, Jun 6 | 19:00 JST

On demand available until Friday, June 11, 2021 23:00

2. ENJOY! Concerts by Chamber Music Academy Fellows Ⅰ
Sat, Jun 12 | 11:00 JST

On demand available until Thursday, June 17, 2021 23:00

3. The Brilliant Ensembles Ⅲ
Sat, Jun 19 | 19:00 JST

On demand available until Thursday, June 24, 2021 23:00

4. Hedenborg Trio - Beethoven and BrahmsⅠ
Sat, Jun 26 | 14:30 JST

On demand available until Friday, July 1, 2021 23:00

5. Haydn Zyklus with Küchl Quartett Ⅲ
Sat, Jun 26 | 19:00 JST

On demand available until Thursday, July 1, 2021 23:00

6. FINALE 2021
Sun, Jun 27 | 14:00 JST

On demand available until Friday, July 2, 2021 23:00

1, 3 - 5. ¥1,000
2. ENJOY! Concerts by Chamber Music Academy Fellows ¥500
6. FINALE 2021 ¥1,500

Booking opens: Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 10:00