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Vol.081 Special Feature: Shared Japanese Culture
  • Photographic Report
    The Empress Yang Guifei: A Chinese Motif in the Works of Three Japanese Painters in 1900
    by Riko Imahashi
  • Special Feature: Shared Japanese Culture
    Modernization and "Turning Chinese":
    The Postwar Views of Jun Eto and Shichihei Yamamoto
    by Jun Yonaha
  • Some Doubts about the Existence of a Single "Japanese Cuisine" by Yomota Inuhiko
  • Japan Studies Abroad: Manga Surpassing Ogata Korin by Shoichi Inoue
  • Japanese Manga Are Not So Japanese by Eiji Otsuka
  • Resonating Japanese Music by Tokumaru Yosihiko
  • The NHK Year-end Music Contest Connecting to the World by Shoichi Ota
  • The Tea Ceremony as Part of Zen Culture Abroad by Koichi Okamoto
  • Photo-essay
    The Yosakoi Soran Festival, a Pageant of Light and Sound in Sapporo (Hokkaido)
    by Takashi Mikuriya
  • Articles
    Two Divergent Christian Worlds: Cultural Origins of the Ukraine Crisis
    by Nobuo Shimotomai
    Ukrainian Identity: The Dynamics of Unification and Disintegration by Andriy Portnov
    Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira and the Intellectuals: On the Policy Research Council of the Ohira Cabinet by Shigeki Uno
  • Essays
    The Poetry of the Comtesse de Noailles Alive in a Corner of Japan
    by Toru Haga
    Thoughts on Viewing a Shunso Hishida Exhibition by Shuji Takashina
    Summer High School Baseball at Koshien and World War I by Masayuki Tadokoro
    Non-disruptive New Media: The Case of Recordings Preserving Prewar Oral Culture by Hiroshi Watanabe
  • Serial
    Philosophy of Rhythm Notes, Part 5: Rhythm and Civilization
    by Masakazu Yamazaki
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    World Diversity and Its Borders
    by Ke Wang
    Consumerism and Advances in the Means of Production by Yoshihisa Godo
  • Essays
    On the German Meister System
    by Terunobu Fujimori
    Group Memory Only Lasts Thirty Years by Daisaburo Okumoto
    Once Again Debate on Revising the Constitution by Tadashi Karube
  • In Memorium
    In Memory of Kazuki Kasuya: Historian, Philosopher, Man of Letters
    by Michikazu Kohno
    Kasuya-san and I: Always My Senpai by Takashi Mikuriya