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Vol.082 Special Feature: English, the World's Lingua Franca
  • Photographic Report
    Ivan Leonidov and the Universe of Paper Architecture
    by Akiko Honda
  • Special Feature: English, the World’s Lingua Franca
    A Native Language Meeting with the World’s Lingua Franca: The Linguistic Experiences of One Czech Speaker
    by Tomáš Jurkovič
  • Japan’s Plan for “Superglobal Universities”: The Limits of Japanese-style Globalization by Takehiko Kariya
  • Global English! Why not? by Atsushi Funakawa
  • The Latest of My Dozens of Attempts to Master English by Nameko Shinsan
  • The “English Conversation” Industry and Its Myth in Japan by Masahiko Abe
  • Can Minority Languages Be Revitalized by Social Media? by Keisuke Kamimura
  • The Fascination of Endangered Dialects by Nobuko Kibe
  • Photo-essay
    A Blooming of Theater Arts Opens Up Regional Life to a World Panorama! (Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture)
    by Takashi Mikuriya
  • Articles
    Science as a Diversion: The Case of Women in 18th-century Britain and Mathematics
    by Nobuo Miura
  • Essays
    Recollections of “Viva, the Peach Blossom Spring!” Exhibition
    by Toru Haga
  • On “Originals” and “Copies” in Japanese Traditional Arts by Shuji Takashina
  • Articles
    Our Illegible Age: How We Declined into Libertarianism
    by Mark Lilla
  • What Happened in 1989 by Pierre Grosser
  • The Shared Asian Confucian Philosophy of Virtuous Rulers: The Social Contract of Humanity and Nature by Ke Wang
  • Essays
    Merkel’s March Speech in Tokyo
    by Yuichi Hosoya
  • Soulful Native Rhythms: A New Chinese Poet Emerges Through the Internet by Kyo Cho
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    Is Bureaucracy Bashing Correct? Another Way of Looking at Government and Bureaucracy
    by Yutaka Onishi
  • The Hong Kong Street and the Umbrella Revolution by Ryota Fukushima
  • Essays
    The Educational Role of the Once-common Classical Music Coffee Shop in Japan
    by Hiroshi Watanabe
  • The Meaning of the Steppingstones of the Sen Rikyu Teahouse by Terunobu Fujimori
  • Natsume Soseki’s Classic Novel “And Then” and Thomas Piketty by Daisaburo Okumoto
  • Serial
    Philosophy of Rhythm Notes, Part 6 (1): Rhythm and Natural Science
    by Masakazu Yamazaki
  • Forum Report
    Reexamining Japan in Global Context