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Vol.083 Special Feature:“Multiple Japan” – Moving Toward a More Diverse Society
  • Photographic Report
    East of the Orient: The Story of Japanese Handicrafts in the National Palaces of Turkey
    by Miyuki Aoki Girardelli
  • Forward
    “Multiple Japan” – Moving Toward a More Diverse Society
    by Tadashi Karube
  • Special Feature: “Multiple Japan” – Moving Toward a More Diverse Society
    Japan’s Forgotten History of Sexual Diversity
    by Junko Mitsuhashi
  • Regional Multiculturalism in Japan:
    Who Are One’s Compatriots?
    by Koichi Taniguchi
  • The War Between Exclusion and Inclusion:
    Recent LGBT Trends
    by Yuko Higashi
  • Thoughts on Ethnic Minority Businesses in Japan by Naoto Higuchi
  • The “Half” Mystique:
    Japanese Stereotypes About the Children of Mixed Marriages
    by Sandra Haefelin
  • Dynamics of Muslim Society in Japan by Masako Kudo
  • How Japan Was Born: Ethnographic Evidence by Junzo Kawada
  • Knowledge Transmitted to Japan via Kanji:
    The Birth of Japanese-style
    Intellectuals as Adapters and Transmitters of Foreign Languages and Cultures
    by Makoto Ueno
  • Essays
    The Collaboration of Koetsu and Sotatsu:
    On Their “Poetry Anthology with Cranes”
    by Toru Haga
  • The Universe-Scale Art Works of Cai Guo-Qiang by Shuji Takashina
  • Dialogue
    A Dialogue on Science and Philosophy Between Hirosi Ooguri and Masakazu Yamazaki, moderated by Masashi Miura
  • Articles
    Seeking a New Image of Science in a New Century
    by Satoshi Nozawa
  • A Comparison of Japanese and Chinese Aesthetics:
    The Chinese Orthodoxy of Squares and Circles, Symmetry, and “Self-Similarity”
    by Toru Kato
  • Essays
    A Bold Traffic Experiment in Kyoto
    by Satoshi Machidori
  • Putin and the Creation of a Ukrainian Identity by Masayuki Tadokoro
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    A Plea for the Humanities: Publishing the Letters
    of Pioneering Linguist Ferdinand de Saussure
    by Morio Tagai
  • The Paradox of American Plenty by Wataru Nakazawa
  • The Age of Noise: The Critical Point of Music and Modernity by Yohei Nagato
  • Essays
    How Events Were Recorded in the 1964 Documentary “Tokyo Olympiad”
    by Hiroshi Watanabe
  • Architects and the Olympics by Terunobu Fujimori
  • Thoughts on Slave-Making Ants and Idleness by Daisaburo Okumoto
  • Interview
    Think Tanks and American Politics:
    An Interview with Scott Bates
    by Tomoyuki Miyata
  • Serial
    Philosophy of Rhythm Notes: Part 6 (2):
    Rhythm and Natural Science
    by Masakazu Yamazaki
  • Forum Report
    Reexamining Japan in Global Context