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Vol.084 Special Feature: The Continuing Curse of Empire’s Fall
  • Photographic Report
    Beloved Xylophone Days
    by Mutsumi Tsuuzaki
  • Foreword
    The Continuing Curse of Empire’s Fall
    by Satoshi Ikeuchi
  • Special Feature: The Continuing Curse of Empire’s Fall
    An Interview with Professor Gilles Kepel, Political Scientist and Expert on the Contemporary Islamic World: On Europe’s Homegrown Terrorists
    by Norito Kunisue
  • Dissolving Middle-Eastern States, Spreading Threat by Akifumi Ikeda
  • Russia’s Middle East: A New Power Game by Yu Koizumi
  • Unrecognized States, the Children of Empire by Yoko Hirose
  • Collapse of the Qing Dynasty and the Modernization of China by Takashi Okamoto
  • The Far-Flung Political Order of Turkic Nomads from the Mongolian Steppe by Shigeo Saito
  • Testing of the Nation-State: Germany’s Refugee Dilemma by Yuichi Morii
  • Photo-essays
    The Rich History of Matsusaka Cotton Cloth and of Edo-period Kokugaku Scholar Motoori Norinaga. (Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture)
    by Takashi Mikuriya
  • Essays
    Watanbe Kazan and the Pax Tokugawa
    by Toru Haga
  • Is Culture the Mother of Economic Development? by Shuji Takashina
  • Internationalization Before the Era of Globalization: Further Thoughts on the 1964 Tokyo Olympics by Hiroshi Watanabe
  • Articles
    Newspaperman Ochi Fukuchi’s Challenge to Meiji Lies
    by Kaoru Iokibe
  • Hopes and Reality of the New Democracy in Myanmar by Marie Lall


  • Past and Future of Okinawa’s Gokoku Shrine for the War Dead by Michiko Miyatake
  • Localized Democracy: Territorial Fragmentation and Consolidation Reform in Osaka by Yosuke Sunahara
  • Correspondence on Current Thought
    How “Asian” is Japan? The East Asian Modernization Dispute
    by Kazunari Ogawa
  • The Present State of Game Studies: The Trend Toward Immersion by Hiroshi Yoshida
  • Japan and World War I by Sochi Naraoka
  • Essays
    Thoughts on Keeping Ahead of Japan’s Persistent Weeds
    by Terunobu Fujimori
  • Insect Collecting and Aging Eyes by Daisaburo Okumoto
  • Interview
    Special Interview of Masakazu Yamazaki by Tadashi Karube: Thirty Years of a Journal “Feeling Strongly, Thinking Softly”
  • Special Report
    Looking Back at Thirty Years of Asteion: Reminiscences of Editorial Board Members
  • Keeping Abreast of World Thought and Attempting Intellectual Dispatches From Japan by Masayuki Tadokoro
  • New Perspectives on Current Problems Thoroughly Based in Fundamental Intellectual Thought by Tadashi Karube
  • Why the Humanities Are Important in Our Age of Technology by Kyo Cho
  • Lessons of History and Wisdoms for Diplomacy: Three Historians in the Post-Cold War World by Yuichi Hosoya
  • Asteion and Japanese Politics: From No Coverage to Mature Political Analysis by Satoshi Machidori
  • Serial
    Philosophy of Rhythm Notes: Part 7, Rhythm and “Me”
    by Masakazu Yamazaki