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Special Award from the Botanical Society of Japan and intercommunication with consumers

On September 18, 2011, the blue rose team was awarded with the Special Award from the Botanical Society of Japan (one of the oldest academic societies in Japan, established 130 years ago), and a certificate and trophy were presented. The Special Award was established to select and commend individuals and organizations contributing to plant science and the development of the said society, regardless of their specialty field and age in order to promote plant science in various aspects. The reasons for the award were: (1) Stories of blue roses and other products were included in science textbooks and supplementary readings for junior high and high school students so that they would feel familiar to science and biotechnologies, and were accepted favorably in the society; (2) It is highly valued from technological viewpoints that blue roses and carnations were developed with cutting-edge biotechnologies, and commercialized based on the evaluation of the effects on biodiversity in accordance with the Cartagena Protocol. For details, see the website of the Botanical Society of Japan.

We receive various inquiries about the blue rose "APPLAUSE" (signifying "dreams come true" in the language of flowers) and the blue carnation "Moonseries" (signifying "eternal happiness" in the language of flowers) from consumers in Japan and abroad. For example, we have been exchanging letters with students in Class 2 of the 6th grade of Hiroshima City Kameyama Elementary School since they sent us their impressions about a newspaper article about blue roses. They sent us New Year's postcards with cute illustrations of dragons and roses.

Valuing the intercommunication with consumers and the contribution to the society, we will try to develop products which will deliver dreams to our consumers.

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* The department name, title, and photo are as of the time of the production (interview).

* The department name, title, and photo are as of the time of the production (interview).