Green Bonds

Suntory Group's Sustainability Initiatives

Suntory’s history began in 1899 when Torii Shinjiro opened Torii Shoten in Osaka City. He held an untiring “Yatte Minahare” spirit, with a belief in “Giving Back to Society” as a Company. These two management philosophies have been continuously handed down from generation to generation within Suntory since its foundation more than 120 years ago.
In the 2000s, with increased recognition of global climate change and other common issues around the world, the Company launched several key initiatives. In 2003, the Natural Water Sanctuary Project was launched, and in 2004, the next-generation environmental education program, “Mizu-iku”, aiming at coexistence with water and natural environments cultivating water resources.
Since then, under the Group’s promise of “Mizu To Ikiru” (Sustained by Nature and Water), to its customers and society, the Suntory Group has been engaged in environmental activities with a long-term perspective. In 2019, we formulated the Suntory Group Sustainability Vision to promote group-wide activities to solve common global sustainability issues.
Under Suntory’s Environmental Vision toward 2050, we aim to reduce water usage at our plants worldwide by 50%*1 and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the entire value chain. Suntory’s Environmental Target toward 2030, will assist in achieving this by obtaining SBT certification, reducing water usage at our plants by 35%*1 globally, reducing GHG emissions at our sites by 50%*2, and reducing GHG emissions across the entire value chain by 30%*2 .
Against this backdrop, Suntory has formulated the Sustainable Finance Framework as a sustainability finance initiative aiming to achieve a decarbonized society and reduce water consumption. This is the first framework in Japan that incorporates targets for reducing water consumption, and we will further promote our sustainability initiatives in the future.

  • *1
    Reduction per unit production based on the business fields in 2015
  • *2
    2019 emissions as base line

Sustainable Finance Framework

Suntory Holdings Limited has developed its Sustainable Finance Framework as described below based on the following relevant principles, etc.* for funding through Sustainable Finance.
The Company plans to raise funds through sustainable finance under the Framework after the establishment of the Framework.
The financing methods available under the Framework include Green bonds, Green loans, Sustainability-linked bonds and Sustainability-linked loans.

Sustainable Finance Framework (Overview)Suntory Holdings Limited October 2023

Suntory Sustainable Finance Framework(Overview)

Suntory Sustainable Finance Framework

  • *
  • Green Bond Principles (GBP) 2021 (International Capital Market Association (ICMA))
  • Green Loan Principles 2023 (Loan Market Association (LMA), etc.)
  • Green Bond Guidelines 2022 (The Ministry of the Environment of Japan)
  • Green Loan Guidelines 2022 (The Ministry of the Environment of Japan)
  • Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles 2023 (ICMA)
  • Sustainability-Linked Loan Principles 2023 (LMA, etc.)
  • Sustainability-Linked Bond Guidelines 2022 (The Ministry of the Environment of Japan)
  • Sustainability-Linked Loan Guidelines 2022 (The Ministry of the Environment of Japan)

Second Party Opinion

Suntory Holdings Limited received a Second Party Opinion from Moody’s to ensure transparency and alignment with relevant principles and to attract more investors.

Moody’s Second Party Opinion

Green Bonds Overview

Green Bonds (Unsecured Corporate Bonds No.13)

Name of the Bond Suntory Holdings Limited 13th Publicly-offered Corporate Bonds
(Green bond with specific inter-bond pari passu clause)
Issue Amount 20 Billion Yen
Term 5-years
Coupon 0.628%
Issue Date / Maturity Date November 24, 2023 / November 24, 2028
Interest Payment Date May 24 and November 24 each year
Ratings AA (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.)
Use of Proceeds
  • Energy efficiency
    • -
      Capital investment contributing to energy-saving at the plants we own
  • Renewable energy
    • -
      Costs for procurement of green hydrogen
    • -
      Capital investment for the construction of biogas refining facilities, biomass heat supply facilities or biomass power generation facilities through wastewater treatment
    • -
      Costs for procurement of electricity generated from renewable energy (purchase of renewable energy certificates)
Lead Managers Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.,
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co.,Ltd.,
BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.
Structuring Agent* Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
  • *
    A securities company that supports the implementation of sustainable finance, including the issuance of green bonds, through the development of a sustainable finance framework and advice on obtaining second-party opinions.

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