Suntory Publicity Service Ltd.

  • Head Office
    3-2-24 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0061, (Toyosu Forecia 16F)
  • Established
    March 1, 1983
  • Capital
    ¥100 million (fully-owned subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited)
  • Sales
    ¥6.83billion(FY2022 consolidated)
  • Employees
    2,603 (as of April 2023, includes contract employees and casual workers)
  • Business activities
    Public relations and marketing support services for Suntory Group companies, services such as corporate PR, facilities and commercial facilities information, management and servicing of cultural facilities such as concert halls and museums, event planning and operation, call center operation, training and consulting, etc.
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Suntory Publicity Service Ltd.
Suntory Publicity Service Ltd.

Company Overview and Philosophy

Suntory Publicity Service Ltd. (SPS) provides high-quality, high-value-added services conducive to providing uplifting experiences for guests at Suntory's plants and at many concert halls and museums. SPS also provides general information services for commercial facilities, and for facilities under designated management belonging to public cultural facilities nationwide, as well as reception services for corporate museums. In recent years, we have further expanded our business into a wide range of areas, including education and training, facility management consulting, general administrative affairs, administrative office operation, event planning and management, and support for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.SPS will continue to challenge towards its vision of “Creating a society where smiles, vitality, and enrichment are generated and hearts are overflowing.”

Primary Sustainability Activities

Sustainability Management Promotion

Employees themselves created "OUR CREDO," our service charter

In order to foster and pass on the hospitality mindset required for our service, we at SPS have our own service charter, "OUR CREDO," consisting of three mottos and 18 standards. OUR CREDO is a document that clearly outlines our feelings and orientation for action as a service provider, written by the employees themselves in an easy-to-understand format accessible to everyone. All employees carry OUR CREDO with them at all times in order to apply the contents of this charter to their actual services.
In the service workplace in particular, each staff member shares the hospitality mindset by reflecting on examples of service and checking them against OUR CREDO during meetings.

Our service charter: "OUR CREDO"

Our service charter: "OUR CREDO"

Promoting compliance activities

In order to build and implement a compliance system, we engage in information security, personal information management, measures to address prolonged working hours, and internal education on overall compliance (conducting group training, conducting e-learning, producing handbooks for education, and maintaining a compliance page on the company intranet). In addition, the Company conducts compliance awareness and education activities at each workplace.

Relations with Customers

Thorough management of customers' personal information

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, we have created a personal information management ledger to manage personal information. In addition to reviewing the personal information management ledger once a year, we also review application formats and management rules for the personal information management ledger as needed.
Obtained ISO27001 (ISMS) certification in June 2018 (Scope of certification registration: site support and new business development for public cultural facilities through cultural happiness projects, as well as site support and new business development for music halls, theaters and museums through guest relations services.

Improving customer service quality setting staff ideal

We have formulated the customer service, service awareness, mindset and skills required of our staff into detailed and specific items, and conduct staff development and training in accordance with these items. Through role-playing and value-matching, we verify from various perspectives whether we are providing services that match the feelings of our customers. The actual customer service is also checked and verified based on the ideals.

Retrospective meetings are held.

Retrospective meetings are held.

Grasping customer perspectives and reflecting them in our operations

We conduct customer surveys from time to time at the facilities we are contracted to operate. Any complaints from customers are shared with all employees working at the facility, and efforts are made to improve the facility. In addition, employees working at each facility visit each other to put themselves in the client's shoes and check on the quality of service.

Checking on the visibility and clarity of product display content

In accordance with Suntory Group standards, we check the visual presentation of product packaging, labels and instruction manuals for criteria such as clarity of expression, text and image size, contrast between text and background color, and positioning.

Initiatives for the Suntory Sustainability Vision


Implementing Mizuiku - Education Program for Nature and Water

Unique to Suntory, Mizuiku is a program to instill in the children who will lead the next generation the critical importance of water to humans, and the depth of our relationship with it, while nurturing their love of water and nature. Suntory Publicity Service Ltd. made a proposal to Suntory, and together we came up with the content we wanted to convey to children. Throughout the year, we are in charge of on-site classes at about 200 elementary schools and the Outdoor School of Forest and Water, an experiential nature education program.

  • Implementing Mizuiku - Education Program for Nature and Water
  • Implementing Mizuiku - Education Program for Nature and Water

Containers and PackagingContainers and Packaging

Adopting an environmental perspective in the products we sell

We have established standards for the environmental perspective we take when developing or handling new products, such as (1) not using environmentally hazardous materials in products or packaging materials, (2) applying a packaging material identification mark, and (3) not using excessive packaging. We also check the status of manufacturers' environmental initiatives.


Enhancing correctives to prolonged working hours

In accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, we have established a Health and Safety Committee to study and deliberate specific measures related to safety and health, and are working on measures against prolonged working hours as one of our priority activities. The content of reports made to the Health Committee are also reported to and discussed at Board of Directors conferences and other meetings to strengthen countermeasures.

For managers in particular, we regularly provide opportunities for training to educate them on the effects of prolonged working hours and their consequences. This helps them understand the importance of working hour management, thereby fostering awareness regarding the reduction of overwork and health management among employees.

Supporting health promotion and maintenance

We support health maintenance among our employees through participation in walking events and by encouraging the use of health apps. We have set up health consultation days for in-person and online consultation with occupational physicians and occupational health nurses. On health consultation days, consultations are held not only on physical health but also on mental health, to help with prevention and early-stage detection of mental and physical illnesses.

We have established a Mind-Body Consultation telephone service, a system that provides easy access to counseling services. We also incorporate self-care, line care, care in the workplace, care outside the workplace, and member care programs into each type of training program in order to support employees' mental health care.

Human RightsHuman Rights

Relations with Business Partners

Compliance with the Subcontract Act

We have prepared explanatory materials on the Subcontract Act, as well as an order form template, and conduct periodic fact-finding surveys. For newly established departments, we hold briefings that include points to note when dealing with companies subject to the Subcontract Act, and confirm their compliance with the Act.

Conducting corporate investigations to confirm reliability

Whenever initiating new business dealings, Suntory Publicity Service Ltd. conducts a corporate investigation of the new partner, and also confirms the social standing and reliability of the partner by concluding a contract featuring a clause on the "exclusion of antisocial forces."
We also regularly audit the manufacturing sites of suppliers to whom we outsource the development of food products and goods. This includes checking on quality control and environmental initiatives.

Relationship with Employees

Promoting work-life balance

We advance systems and operations with the aim of making ourselves a company and organization where employees with diverse values, work styles, and lifestyles can lead fulfilling daily lives both at work and in their private lives, and find their work to be rewarding. We support flexible work styles for our employees by introducing systems for maternity and childcare leave, compensatory time off, shortened and staggered working hours.

Implementing Telework and a Childcare Safety Net

We have introduced two programs, Telework and Childcare Safety Net (babysitting, etc.) in order to create an environment in which employees returning to work after childcare leave can balance career development with childrearing.
The Telework program facilitates work by employees not currently raising children by supporting work styles not restricted by location or time.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Certification Mark Obtained

"Eruboshi" certification for promotion of women's empowerment (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

In 2017, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) awarded us the second stage of "Eruboshi" certification, which recognizes companies that excel in the promotion of women's advancement. SPS has also received certifications established by local governments for companies that promote active workplace participation by women. Moving forward, we will continue to improve our systems and environment to maintain a comfortable working environment for diverse employees including women.

  • MHLW Eruboshi 2nd Stage certification
"Tomonin" certification recognizing promotion of a work environment facilitating a balance between work and nursing care
  • MHLW Tomonin certification
Other municipal certifications
  • Two-Star certification by Osaka City as a "Leading Company with Actively Participating Women," and as an "Ikumen Promotion Enterprise"
  • Step-Two "Work-Life Balance Plus" certification by Sapporo City

Promoting diversity

Suntory Publicity Service Ltd. has adopted "Mutual Recognition of Diversity" as a company-wide policy, and we actively work to create a corporate culture and implement measures for the mutual recognition of diversity. Although 90% of our employees are women, we are also hiring more male employees and foreign nationals in consideration of the diversity of our customers and their values.

Employing Persons with Disabilities

Our employees with disabilities are active in a wide range of fields, including clerical work, merchandise sales, and visitor services at cultural facilities. We have set a company-wide target for the number of employees, and are working to hire people with disabilities in order to achieve and maintain the legally mandated employment ratio of 2.3%. As of the end of April 2023, the employment ratio was 2.57%.
In order to enable each employee to engage in work tailored to his or her aptitude, managers at each site nationwide are deepening their understanding of disabilities while minutely checking on the characteristics of on-site work, skills required, workload and other factors. They can then design tasks that enable employees to fully apply their abilities. They are also making every possible effort to provide for transportation to and from work.

New training programs support employee skill development

In addition to training at the time of hiring and common application-based training throughout the Suntory Group, we also provide position-specific training and career training. We actively promote self-learning, and have introduced correspondence courses and e-learning programs to provide opportunities for skill development tailored to individual challenges. We think of company-wide activities (conference organizations and projects) other than training as educational opportunities that lead to development of employees as human resources and in terms of their careers.
In addition, we have introduced a highly satisfying personnel evaluation system consisting of performance evaluations based on goal-setting, behavioral evaluations based on role expectations, and career interviews conducted by supervisors.

Enriching LifeEnriching Life

Support during disasters

Public cultural facilities that we administer and operate as designated managers are visited by many people including local residents. For this reason, we regularly conduct disaster drills, first aid training, and automated external defibrillator (AED) training under the guidance of the competent fire department so that we can respond quickly and smoothly in the event of a disaster or emergency. Our head office has produced a major earthquake response manual, and conducts ongoing educational activities.

Conducting disaster drills

Conducting disaster drills

Activities contributing to local communities

As the designated manager of public facilities, we plan and develop cultural programs that make the most of each facility's attractions, and strive to provide services abounding in hospitality. In particular, we aim to operate facilities accessible to all and which will be loved for a long time to come through initiatives that promote and revitalize culture. These include programs that allow local residents themselves to participate in planning and operation, highly original projects for youth development, and outreach activities involving neighboring facilities, as well as a system for incorporating users' opinions into management.

Music for everyone: barrier-free concerts

Yamato Cultural Creation Center SiRiUS, operated by SPS as its designated manager, holds Barrier-Free Concerts by artists active in Japan. In addition to providing programs that can be enjoyed by attendees of all ages from small children to the elderly, we also provide support for patrons with handicaps by introducing sign language interpreters, literary support through distribution of Braille programs and UD Talk, and by assigning service assistants to help patrons enjoy the performances. Aiming for a harmonious society where people respect each other's individuality, we continuously create opportunities for diverse people to enjoy concerts in the same space.

  • A performance

    A performance

  • A sign language interpreter

    A sign language interpreter

  • Headphones for the hearing-impaired

    Headphones for the hearing-impaired

Supporting development of the next generation

Suntory Publicity Service Ltd. is engaged in various activities to promote and support the potential and growth of children who will lead the next generation.

Professional Experiences

SPS enables local children to become familiar with culture and the arts by providing them with opportunities to experience work at public facilities that SPS operates as a designated manager.
At Yamagin Kenmin Hall (Yamagata Prefectural Cultural Arts Center), we hold "Parents and Children Join in! Work Experience Events for Parents and Children," in which children can experience the work of a stage crew. Through hands-on experience, students learn the professional techniques that support performances, such as actually shining a spotlight on the stage and touching the sound equipment to produce sound from the speakers.

  • Supporting development of the next generation
  • Supporting development of the next generation
  • Supporting development of the next generation

The Koganei Civic Center holds "Koganei Junior Correspondent" events for elementary and junior high school students in the city, in which they role-play as reporters and cover performances. The experience of producing reports using their own unique perspectives and expressive abilities motivates the children to learn new things.

  • Supporting development of the next generation
  • Supporting development of the next generation
  • Supporting development of the next generation