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Topic Policies and Targets Management Structure Initiatives
Sustainability Management

Top Commitment

Engaging with Stakeholders

Stakeholder Dialogues

Evaluation from External Parties

Environmental Management

Environment Water

Sustainable Water Philosophy

Water Sustainability

Water Supply Risks Based on TCFD Recommendations


CO2 Reduction

Disclosures Based on TCFD Recommendations

Containers and Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Raw Ingredients

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement Based on TCFD Recommendations


Water Resource Cultivation/ Preserving Biodiversity

Bird Conservation Activities

Waste and Pollution Prevention

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Pollution Prevention and Chemical Substance Management

Food loss -

Initiatives for Preventing Food Loss

Social Supporting Wellbeing (Beverages)

For Healthy and Comfortable Lifestyle

Supporting Wellbeing (Alcohol)

Responsible Consumption and Reducing Harmful Drinking

Targets and Initiatives for Reducing Harmful Drinking

Responsible Marketing

Addressing alcohol-related issues

For Healthy and Comfortable Lifestyle

Quality Management

Appropriate Information Disclosure

Quality Assurance

Human Rights

Assessment and Due Diligence


Compliance (Hotline)

Supply Chain Management

Sustainable Procurement

Just and Fair Transactions

Cultural and Social Contribution


Cultural and Social Contribution

Governance Corporate Governance -

Corporate Governance

Compliance -


Risk Management -

Risk Management